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Ask Julia

Q: What ONE product can I use that will curl, straighten, protect, repair, reduce frizz and give volume?
A: As much as we would all love to have that one magic product that does everything, it just doesn’t exist, at least no yet. Don’t get us wrong, there are great products you can use to do multiple tasks, but mot likely you will need a couple of products to get the look that want.

Q: How do I get more volume on the top of my head?
A: Spray in Root Lifters or good old-fashioned mouse applied before blow-drying will amp up your hairstyle. Invest in a good quality ceramic round brush and check with a professional to get the right size brush for your hair.

Q: How do I get soft, defined curls without being crunchy?
A: Use a curl amplifying cream before drying your hair. Can be used with a diffuser or by natural air drying, leaves your curl soft, and frizz-free.

Q: How do I add shine without weighing my hair down?
A: If you have fine hair, look for an aerosol shine spray. It’s a super fine mist that will give you incredible shine without the greasy look.

Q: How can I straighten my hair everyday without frying my hair?
A: This answer has multiple steps.

  1. Buy a ceramic, ionic, tourmaline (or any combination of the three) flat iron. The special coating on the plates will straighten you hair on the first pass; eliminate the need to straighten the same lock over and over again.
  2. Buy a thermal protectant that can be used on wet or dry hair.
  3. Even using a good-quality flat iron and thermal protector, you will be more likely to develop split ends. Using a split end mender can prevent your hair from splitting and breaking.

Q: What exactly does sulfate-free mean?
A: Sulfates are ingredients found in many products like shampoo, toothpaste and soap. Basically anything that lathers. Some studies have shown that sulfates can cause cancer. They have also shown that sulfates can strip your hair color and dry your hair out. Many shampoos are now labeled sulfate-free making them safer for color-treated or dry hair. Sulfate-free products do take some getting used to because they do not lather like traditional shampoos.

Q: How do I know if my products are safe for my color treated hair?
A: If you are buying salon quality products, your color won’t mind. The only exception is products that are designed for volume. Pureology makes an entire line of volumizing products specifically designed for color treated hair. Double-check with your professional to see if what you are using is safe for your hair. If you feel uneasy or notice your color is fading faster than usual.

Q: Is there a difference between thickening and volumizing products?
A: Volumizing products add body and lift to your hair. Thickening products have ingredients that bond wit your hair shaft to make you hair look and feel thicker.